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ALL ORDERS PLACED ON Thursday,Friday and Saturday,Sunday WILL

SHIP OUT Tuesday


If produce is sold out on line we still have in the store


Authentic Italian pastries made with quality ingredients. It is hard to find such a good place, nothing compares. We drive hours just get a taste. Highly recommend you can't go wrong with whatever you choose to buy!

Valerie S.

The canoli's here are beyond the quality of anything I've had at Eataly or anything in Boston. This place is the real deal, and that becomes apparent from the very cool, italian cafe aesthetic they've worked on.

Calvin L.

"What can I say when you grow up with the best pastries, bread, cookies & cakes. I still make my weekly visits when I'm in Brooklyn. They now deliver cookies & it arrived amazingly fresh. "

Vivian R.

Villabate Alba Bakery

7001 18 Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11204

Mon - Sat, 7am - 8pm
Sunday, 7am - 8pm

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We ship through the United States Postal Service and Fedex to bring our goods to you. If items are damaged due to transportation a claim will have to be made with the transportation service selected. All of our shipments are insured through their respective transporter and a claim may be made directly with them on their respective websites. We hold no liability over damages due to transportation. Thank you and Enjoy!